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Natural Paints

Natural Paints

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Natural Paints are made using naturally occurring ingredients, and therefore do not require high levels of processing.The manufacture of petrochemical based paint is energy-intensive, and the production of solvent-based paint can produce toxic waste, much of which is non-degradable.

'Natural' Paints:

  • Ingredients used are printed on the label, or on a technical data sheet which can be consulted to establish whether allergic reactions are a risk

  • Many of the ingredients of 'Natural' paints are made from renewable resources, such as linseed oil, and citrus oil. These natural VOCs may cause reactions such as watery eyes or respiratory problems in people sensitive to these substances. They also contain plant resins, finely ground minerals, and earth pigments. Most of the companies producing the paints offer full ingredient-disclosure statements for the products.

  • Natural paints use plant-derived solvents and binders instead of synthetic ones. They are the most sustainable type of paints available, as most of the ingredients are derived from renewable or highly abundant materials

  • Ideal for residential applications, or for use in areas where chemical sensitivity is an issue, or sustainability is the focus.

  • Do not form a water-proof barrier,and therefore are not as stain-resistant as acrylic paints.

  • Allow the substrate to 'breathe',are anti-static (avoiding dust), discourage mould growth, and improve air quality.

  • Mineral-based paints such as lime or clay paints bond with the substrate, which means they become a sacrificial surface. They gradually wear away until it is time to recoat. However, they do not crack, peel or blister. They offer outstanding durability for exterior masonry surfaces.

Featured Products

BIO PaintsBIO Products is Australia's best known manufacturer of natural paints. A complete natural paint range that includes stains, oils, wall-paints and enamels, BIO Paints are easy to use and can be tinted to most popular colours.

Graphenstone is a revolutionary lime-based natural paint with almost zero-VOCs, and includes graphene technology to enhance durability. Graphenstone is now manufactured in Australia, and actually absorbs carbon! It is ideal for plasterboard, plaster, render, concrete and tilt-up panels.

The health benefits of Graphenstone products are for everyone and can turn your existing home or office into an eco- sustainable environment by improving air quality. All of the Graphenstone top coat systems offer Ultra Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and are free from harmful emissions.
Graphenstone Biosphere, Graphenstone Ecosphere and Graphenstone Atmosphere Interior are endorsed by Sensitive Choice and the National Asthma Council Australia and are an ideal, natural paint system solution for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.