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Eco Protective Coatings

Eco Protective Coatings

New water-based paint technology allows the manufacture of protective coatings without the need for toxic solvents. These products have been tested and are used on a variety of projects including marine, industrial, mining, and defence applications.

Phoenix PaintsPhoenix Paints

METALFIX 1000 is a single pack water-based primer which is designed for application onto non-rusted surfaces, such as new or clean steelwork, new or weathered aluminium, new or weathered galvanised steel, plastic, timber, etc, to form a non-toxic film. The METALFIX 1000 does have a slight rust converting action, and can be used over lightly rusted steel work (e.g, new steel bearing a rust bloom) where it cures into a tough abrasion-resistant skin which is impervious to further rusting. The coating will operate from minus 40 degrees Centigrade to upto 1000 degrees Centigrade, and, if required, may be overcoated with any other top coat, whether oil or water based.

  • Gives off no fumes
  • Easy to spray or brush
  • Goes over wide range of surfaces
  • Gives stable surface plus tough paint skin
  • Can take any top coat, if required
  • Quick overcoating times.
  • Water wash up (no solvents)
  • Etch-primer for Zinc and Aluminium
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Fire-retardant properties
  • Single pack (no wasted mixes)

MAXICOAT is a two Pack Water-Dispersed Top Coat which not only exhibits the physical and chemical strengths of epoxy, but has the safety and convenience of water as the solvent. The product is supplied in two packs: PART A is the resin base plus pigments etc, and PART B is the hardener for the coating. MAXICOAT is designed for use both as a full gloss top coat and also as a high performance concrete coating for workshop floors and motor car showrooms, etc.

MAXICOAT has a similar high hardness, gloss level, and chemical resistance as those of an oil-based epoxy, but is much safer and easier to handle. Immersion tests carried out at room temperature indicate no effect in dilute acids, alkalis, seawater, and solvents (See below for further information).

Since the product is water-based, it is easy and safe to use, and there are no hidden costs since no expensive, dangerous, explosive, or toxic solvents or thinners are required for clean-up - only water.

  • Gives off no fumes
  • Easy to spray, roll or brush
  • Goes over any clean dry surface
  • Gives smooth surface plus tough paint skin
  • Can be recoated at any time if required
  • Quick development of adhesion
  • Range of colours
  • Water Wash Up (no solvents)
  • Non-toxic in the dry state
  • Add glass beads, for non slip
  • Good dirt pick up resistance
  • Good resistance to hydrostatic pressure
  • No primer coat required