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Painters Painting Australia Green

The national eco-certification program for painting contractors, providing training, consumer information and skills to promote environmentally preferable coating technology

A green hand holding a leaf. Green painters putting the environment first.
Painting green

What makes a Green Painter?

Uses waste-water minimization techniques and technology to protect your garden.
Is qualified and trained to advise clients on which eco-preferable paints to use for their project and is sensitive to the needs of allergy sufferers.
Has required licenses, insurances and adheres to an Environmental Code of Practice.
Uses Environmental Management to reduce waste.
Understands natural paints.
Will save you money, and can help you cut carbon emissions.
Will give you accurate, unbiased advice. Many painters recieve kickbacks from paint manufacturers to use their products, which may risk your families health.
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Who are GreenPainters

Accredited GreenPainters are fully licensed or registered by the relevant State licensing authority, specially trained in sustainable painting and then accredited by GreenPainters.

As a GreenPainter you can perform all the normal services expected from a painter, with one important difference - you are trained to understand and apply the best Eco-friendly solutions for your client's premises to ensure you reduce energy use, protect the health of the occupants and protect the environment.

Through the program, painters gain the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to become a sustainable painting expert. The accredited contracting business can use the GreenPainters brand to add strength and credibility to their team, their service and their business.

The program creates a new philosophy, by teaching painters and contractors alike to look for the sustainable option with every application, job, project and program approached.

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GreenPainters are smart painters! Are you a qualified, insured painting contractor keen to position yourself as a leader in the Green Building Industry, which is growing at 6.5% annually? GreenPainters offers nationally recognised training which can help you become sustainable.

Once you complete the GreenPainters Accreditation Course and implement the changes in your business,


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GreenPainters is the sustainability initiative of the National Institute of Painting and Decorating

It is the national eco- certification program for painting contractors; providing training, consumer information and skills to promote environmentally preferable coatings technology

Check if your painter is on the national register of painting contractors who are trained and qualified in environmental management best practice.