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Heat Reflective Paints

Heat Reflective Paints

For a quote on how you can cut your cooling costs, contact your local GreenPainter

Paint coatings are now available that may significantly improve a buildings' insulation properties, thereby leading to reduced energy costs and wastage. These products should be considered by specifiers for their ability to lower greenhouse emissions. GreenPainters estimates that using heat-reflective coatings will offset an average of 18 tonnes of carbon emissions in Australian homes.

These paint products are most effective when using light colours, as light colours can reflect up to 50% of solar radiation. Dark colours traditionally absorb solar radiation more than light colours. However, sunlight is made up of 51% infra-red light. By replacing conventional black pigments with special cool colour technology black pigments which reflect infra-red radiation, it is possible to reduce heat absorption by the substrate, without altering the colour. This results in the coating become a heat-reflective coating, even in dark colours. This technology helps mitigate the urban heat island effect.

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Astec Paints is an Australian manufacturer of cool coatings technology, GECA certified, BCA compliant, and the only paint company to have achieved CodeMark certification and compliance to Section J (Energy Efficiency) of the Building Codes of Australia. Astec Energy Star comes with a 15 year warranty.

It is possible to cut up to 40% off a building's cooling costs, resulting in up to 25% reduction in energy usage. Watch a video explaining the benefits of heat-reflective paints: