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Become a Green Painter

Become a Green Painter

Accredited GreenPainters are fully licensed or registered by the relevant State licensing authority, specially trained in sustainable painting and then accredited by GreenPainters.

As a GreenPainter you can perform all the normal services expected from a painter, with one important difference - you are trained to understand and apply the best Eco-friendly solutions for your client's premises to ensure you reduce energy use, protect the health of the occupants and protect the environment.

Through the program, painters gain the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to become a sustainable painting expert. The accredited contracting business can use the GreenPainters brand to add strength and credibility to their team, their service and their business.

The program creates a new philosophy, by teaching painters and contractors alike to look for the sustainable option with every application, job, project and program approached.
As an Accredited GreenPainter you will be recognized apart from the rest.

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Training is just the beginning!
With GreenPainters, the training is just the beginning. Once a business is accredited the contractor has access to a wealth of information and tools to assist them in building their business and promoting the sustainable solutions the business is now able to provide.

Being a GreenPainter is better for your health! Conventional painters are exposed to many dangerous and poisonous chemicals, many of which are proven carcinogens, in the course of their trade. Because GreenPainters use natural or non-toxic paints wherever possible, you avoid these risks, and enjoy better health. Read more about how the occupational health risks of being a painter

  • Accredited GreenPaintershave access to all this...
    Use of GreenPainters branding on marketing material, uniforms and company vehicles. Including bumper stickers, accredited contractor stickers, brochures, certificates etc. enabling you to promote your GreenPainters accreditation and knowledge of sustainable paints to your customers.
  • On-going technical information and support through the exclusive members area on www.painters.edu.au
  • Valuable advertising support through your listing on "Find a GreenPainter web-page" on the website.
  • Promotional and advertising support through National publications, sustainable websites, public expos and shows
  • Access to industry experts, providing up-to-date technical and marketing advice and support through the exclusive members area on www.painters.edu.au
  • Access to complimentary courses at subsidised pricing
  • An Up-to-date monthly email newsletter highlighting the latest changes, industry trends and GreenPainters news.
  • Over 3000 people a week use the GreenPainters web-site to source green paints and painters
  • EPA Compliance means you are lowering your risk of getting a fine for environmental mismanagement
  • GreenPainters are supported by our participating retailers and Industry
  • On-line forum lets you interact with painters from all over Australia without traveling or leaving your home.

GreenPainters are smart painters! Are you a qualified, insured painting contractor keen to position yourself as a leader in the Green Building Industry, which is growing at 6.5% annually? GreenPainters offers nationally recognised training which can help you become sustainable.

Once you complete the GreenPainters Accreditation Course and implement the changes in your business,


There is an annual certification fee ($250) which pays for web-site advertising, media exposure, promotional t-shirts, business flyers, and associated stationary. GreenPainters also get great deals on the products they use, and exclusive referrals to customers and clients in their area.